Shin Koseki

SHin Alexandre Koseki

Urban Planner


My work aims to reduce social and political conflicts between individuals and local communities within contemporary metropolitan regions. By combining computational social sciences, social theory and institutional design, I investigate how individuals, groups and communities rely on their environment to conduct democratic processes. Through this work, I develop design, planning and governance strategies for contemporary metropolitan spaces.

I am a Co-founder of Chôros and a Scientist at EPFL Habitat Research Center. Previously, I was Visiting Professor at the University of Montreal’s School of Planning & Design, Visiting Fellow at ETH Zurich Chair of Social Networks, academic visitor at the MIT Media Lab, Researcher and Studio Director at the EPFL Studio for the Conception of Space, Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford School of Anthropology, Visiting Fellow at the National University of Singapore Cities Research Cluster and Academic Guest at the ETH Future Cities Laboratory.



European think tank for spatial planning and metropolitan governance

Chôros is a scientific and operational think tank active in European spatial planning and governance. We help communities, cities, regions and states achieve greater economic and social well-being. We operate as an Open Organization and welcome collaborations and partnerships from individuals, groups and companies engaged in finding applicable solutions to urban sustainability.


Research Projects